「a,chottodake speak English・・・」みたいなボディトーク主体で対応。
ファーストコンタクトなので「Please mail talking」みたいな対応。


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Japan Home Show “Replan Sumai Navi” Information Spreading
Tension is at its maximum at the first contact, leaving the explanation to the staff and immersing oneself in the encounter mechanism. Pilgrimage to Shinbashi Karasumori-sha for business prosperity. Business prosperity.

Yesterday was the first day of the Japan Home Show at Tokyo Big Sight, and we spent the entire day doing PR activities.
As one would expect from Japan’s largest event dedicated to housing, many people came from all over the country.
Many old acquaintances also showed up, but there were far more opportunities to meet new people.
However, there were many more opportunities to meet new people without a single break.
The booth was not a flashy display, but it was a modest one.
Even so, many people stopped by carefully to talk with us.
As I talked with them, they said, “You have an interesting point of view on this project…” and asked me for information.
They asked us for information.
One staff member had an appointment outside the venue.
One staff member had an appointment outside the venue and was in and out of the room, so there were three of us, including myself, to respond to the request.
It would take a lot of effort and time if we had to walk all over the country to seek new meeting opportunities like this by ourselves.
It would take a lot of effort and time to seek out these new opportunities by ourselves.
Although it is a “local media,” it is a new information media tool with the Internet as its main battlefield.
I brought about 200 business cards during the three days.
I lost quite a few on the first day alone… I realized this during the course of the event.
I decided to hand over the explanation and exchange of business cards to the staff as much as possible.
I was more of a “first contact” person.

Although most of the visitors were from Japan, there were many visitors from other parts of Asia.
I was also in charge of exchanging business cards with other staff members.
I met 4 groups of visitors just by myself.
I was able to respond to them mainly with body talk like “a,chottodake speak English…”.
This was a good way to raise the tension.
It’s not easy to come up with English words (laughs), but once you get used to it, you can get used to it.
I try to get through with English words that I think will be understood somehow.
When I do this, I get a good response with more laughter than I expected (laugh).
When I think about it, that part of communication is more important.
When I think about it, that part of communication is more important, and specific “business meetings” can be done well enough by e-mail.
It is more important to get a “I can’t hate this guy” kind of response.
Since it is the first contact, I responded with something like “Please mail talking.
I had prepared only Japanese business cards, but today I plan to bring English business cards as well.
Now, let’s see how many new contacts we can make today, tomorrow, and over the next two days.
It will be interesting to see how many new contacts we will make over the next two days, and whether we will be able to see the development of information exchange from one meeting to the next.

After closing in the evening, I had dinner with the staff in Shinbashi for a meeting.
Since I am a God lover, I took the staff to visit the Karasumori Shrine for the first time in a while.
I like this shrine so much that when we dine in Shinbashi, we first pay our respects to the local deity.
The staff was astonished to see such a shrine in the middle of the entertainment district.
It is true that the shrine is exceptionally divine amidst the flood of neon signs in the area.
I was thankful for the encounter and deeply prayed for business prosperity, just like at Karasumori Shrine (laugh).



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